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With the ever-changing demands placed on MEP contractors to do more with less, few solution providers today have a suite of technology solutions that span the needs from the office to the field like Trimble.  In today’s bustling world of new building projects and renovations, all with compressed timelines, the MEP contractor needs the tools that address the entire workflow – simply and easily.

Combined with their deep knowledge in not only positioning equipment and measurement technologies, but also specialty trades, Trimble manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for today’s MEP contractor.  And BuildingPoint SouthEast is your local resource.

With the Trimble MEP layout solution, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors can increase productivity and greatly simplify the layout of sleeves and hangers. Specific language and workflows inherent to trade applications allow Trimble MEP hardware and software solutions maximize the existing skill sets of field personnel.  Having a local resource, like BuildingPoint SouthEast, means that you have a dependable ally for Trimble MEP purchases and support.Trimble MEP suite

Trimble MEP provides a specific layout solution to simplify field work and layout methods for MEP contractors.  Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity and reduces labor costs
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, and aligned with the workflows used by contractors
  • Placing an electronic blueprint in the hands of field personnel
  • Improved accuracy and precision for more complex building designs
  • Eliminating mistakes that cause re-work and schedule delays
  • Reducing wasted time traveling to and from the job to communicate updates
  • Assisting MEP contractors in BIM-To-Field methods and procedures
  • Quickly and efficiently completing As-Builts as you layout

The Trimble MEP layout solution uses a Trimble robotic total station, a Trimble handheld controller, and Trimble field layout software to provide precise positioning on the job site. The solution enables one person to handle complex layout; whether on the floor, the wall, the top of the deck or directly on the underside of the deck.  Slower and less accurate layout methods using tapes are no longer needed, as with Trimble MEP  your business can do more work with less people.  For example, via a traditional method (string and a tape), about 150 points a day can be laid, but with Trimble MEP, you can double your productivity, doing over 300 points per day!


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