MEP Solutions for Construction

MEP contractors are required to complete construction projects with as few resources as possible. BuildingPoint SouthEast is a solution provider that has several technology features available from Trimble for the office and the field. These tools will help MEP contractors complete new projects on time by addressing workflow requirements.

Combined with their deep knowledge in not only positioning equipment and measurement technologies, but also specialty trades, Trimble manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for today's MEP contractor. BuildingPoint SouthEast is your local resource for Trimble MEP software.

What Are MEP Solutions in Engineering?  

MEP systems make a structure livable, whether it is a home, apartment complex or office building. MEP stands for:

  • Mechanical: The features that promote comfort in all conditions, such as heating and cooling systems.
  • Electrical: The systems that provide power to lights, devices and more.
  • Plumbing: Systems that deal with various water applications.

These elements are important in every stage of the construction process due to their role in cost estimation, building management and maintenance, decision making, documentation, and construction administration.

MEP engineering is the planning, designing and managing of a building's MEP systems, which is essential to making both construction projects and fully built structures efficient and profitable. MEP services make up most of a contract's value, so ensuring these systems are installed correctly is key.

How can MEP Layout Solutions Help You?

Many MEP contractors use design tools like 3D modeling to assist with product engineering. Because MEP systems are becoming increasingly complex, the layout is a challenging yet critical task. MEP layout solutions will assist with:

  • Bill of materials: The bill of materials lists the supplies and equipment needed to manufacture the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Electrical and mechanical schedules: MEP solutions help you compose schedules that contain information about the size of the system, what it will supply and other key performance characteristics.
  • Floor plans: Floor plans show how the equipment will be laid out, including supply and exhaust locations, sensor locations, and other specifics.
  • Section details: This project element explains the specifications of the systems so that all involved in the project can be clear on the details of each part.
  • Datasheets: These information pages outline the specs of the building's systems.
  • Specifications and general notes: MEP solutions will list all specifications needed for completing the project.

Trimble MEP for Construction Projects  

The Trimble MEP solution assists building contractors by helping with layouts and measurements for construction workflows with virtual reality technology, which results in increased accuracy and reliability. Trimble field layout equipment features:

  • A one-person layout
  • As-built measurements
  • 3D model visualization in the field
  • Field report generation
  • In-field measurement and analysis capabilities
  • Simple user interface
  • Data storage and built-in checks for layout functions
  • A durable design

How Does Trimble MEP Work?  

The Trimble MEP layout solution uses several elements, including a Trimble robotic total station, a Trimble handheld controller and Trimble field layout software to provide precise positioning on the job site. The solution enables one person to handle floor, wall, top of the deck and underside of the deck layouts, including those that are complex.

Slower and less accurate layout methods using tapes are no longer needed, as with Trimble MEP your business can do more work with fewer people. For example, via a traditional method (string and a tape), about 150 points a day can be laid, but with Trimble MEP, you can double your productivity, doing over 300 points per day!

Benefits of Trimble MEP  

Plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors can increase productivity and simplify sleeve and hanger layouts with the Trimble MEP layout solution. Trade applications use specific workflows and language that allow Trimble MEP hardware and software solutions to maximize the existing skill sets of field personnel. Having a local resource, like BuildingPoint SouthEast, means that you have a dependable ally for Trimble MEP purchases and support.

Trimble MEP provides a specific layout solution to simplify fieldwork and layout methods for MEP contractors. Benefits of utilizing Trimble MEP include:

  • Increased productivity and reduces labor costs
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use and aligned with the workflows used by contractors
  • Placing an electronic blueprint in the hands of field personnel
  • Improved accuracy and precision for more complex building designs
  • Eliminating mistakes that cause re-work and schedule delays
  • Reducing wasted time traveling to and from the job to communicate updates
  • Assisting MEP contractors in BIM-To-Field methods and procedures
  • Quickly and efficiently completing As-Builts as you layout

Who Does Trimble MEP Help?  

Trimble MEP works with the different needs of various field teams. There are several roles that can benefit from its accuracy and effectiveness, including:

Mechanical Contractors 

Efficiently manage every aspect of your mechanical contracting business. Trimble MEP makes integration of heating and cooling system plans, refrigeration and other building aspects easier from engineering and design to building and maintenance.

Electrical Contractors 

Electrical work from design and installation to maintenance is crucial to job effectiveness and future safety. Improper electrical installation can cause not only human harm from shock but also creates a fire hazard.

Plumbing Contractors 

The last thing a plumbing contractor wants to find is that their work will be navigating through newly installed electrical systems of HVAC work. This means re-working plans, navigating around already built systems, delays in work and ultimately a higher cost.

Each Party Involved on a Building Site

By using Trimble MEP, we see less overlap and incongruencies between electrical work, plumbing and piping, and HVAC systems. Integrating these features together saves both time and money when done properly.

Learn More About MEP Construction  

BuildingPoint SouthEast is part of a network of Trimble distribution partners, allowing us to supply Trimble MEP solutions to customers. We help MEP engineers, project contractors and other professionals at the building site have a successful project by using advanced and intuitive technology.

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