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Trimble offers a wide selection of laser tools for construction that can help you complete your projects with greater speed and efficiency, while also improving accuracy during every project phase. As an authorized Trimble distributor in NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C., BuildingPoint SouthEast is your single-source supplier for a vast array of Trimble construction lasers and other related equipment.

Laser Levels

Laser levels are essential for layout jobs. They provide an accurate straight line reference along any surface, so you can work hands-free and ensure that critical aspects of the job are level. For interior projects, contractors can use a laser level for floor installation, wall alignment, ceiling alignment and more. This equipment is also useful for basic surveys at job sites.

Our wide selection of construction laser levels includes the Trimble Spectra Precision Laser LL300N, an automatic, self-leveling tool that is ideally suited for applications such as checking and setting elevations, footings and foundations for small- to medium-sized projects. The durable, rugged design allows the LL300N to deliver reliable, long-lasting performance in the most challenging work environments. The fast, accurate setup enables you to save time and increase productivity on the job site.

Laser Receivers

Laser receivers — also called laser detectors — help you find the laser beam in environments that prohibit laser visibility to the naked eye, such as bright outdoor job sites. The receiver will tell you if you are above, at or below the laser level so you can know if you’re working in the right area. The receiver is accurate within a few millimeters, so you can rely on its results. However, the laser receiver needs to be compatible with the laser leveler for it to work properly.

The lineup of Trimble construction lasers also consists of an assortment of high-quality laser receivers, including the Spectra Precision HL700. Designed for both basic and advanced leveling and aligning tasks, this versatile receiver is an excellent choice for concrete and site preparation contractors.

Key product features include a digital readout of elevation, which provides an easy-to-read numerical display of the exact distance from the grade. The innovative CAPTURE function remotely captures and stores a measurement when a display is difficult to read.

Pipe Lasers

Pipe lasers assist with pipe installation projects. The laser sets the grade of the pipe so that the system can maintain a consistent grade along its length. This guide helps contractors set the pipes correctly to prevent crests and valleys. Pipe lasers can also act as a flat reference to control leveling and alignment for forms, ceilings and walls.

Trimble produces construction lasers specifically designed and built for pipe-laying applications. The Spectra Precision DG813 is a waterproof pipe laser that performs well at distances of up to 500 feet, enabling full operation between manholes with a single setup. The advanced Line-Set/Check feature allows the laser to project the beam at an upward angle for easier manhole alignment.

The laser light beam is designed for fast, accurate movement and for easy spotting inside the pipe, while eliminating the need to bend down to see the beam.

Grade Lasers

Grade lasers are a kind of rotary laser that can manually or automatically set slopes and grades based on the needs of the operator. These tools are usually mounted on a tripod. You can use this equipment in construction projects since they are accurate and easy to use.

The Trimble Spectra Precision single-grade GL412 laser and its GL422 dual-grade cousin offer a cost-effective, automatic self-leveling laser solution. Both units project a continuous, self-leveled 360-degree laser reference over a large work area, and the GL422 features a range of up to a half-mile. Both models come with a fully functioning two-way remote control, allowing you to make immediate grade changes from virtually anywhere on your job site.

Magnetic Locator

Magnetic locators are tools that use the Earth’s magnetic field to find underground objects with ferrous metal content. These devices measure the magnetic field distortion that occurs around metal objects containing iron. Based on the readout, the operator can determine the location and orientation of the metal object in the ground. Compared to other methods, magnetic locators have a faster readout and require less setup time, as all the operator has to do is turn the magnetic locator on to begin working.

The GA-52Cx HeliFlux® magnetic locator is one of the most used transmitter-receiver locator systems with a cable locator function. It has a wide detection range with enhanced target definition, so you can find what you’re looking for easily. The four individual sensitivity settings will detect the object and emit a signal through the piezoelectric loudspeaker. Powered by two 9-volt batteries, you’ll get 40 hours of operation from this magnetic locator.

Why Work With BuildingPoint SouthEast?

BuildingPoint SouthEast is part of the Trimble network. We seek to bridge the gap between design and construction by providing the latest tools that give construction crews access to vital data in the field. Our laser levels and other construction tools improve field operations during the construction process by increasing productivity and accuracy. BuildingPoint SouthEast also offers software and hardware solutions that streamline communication and collaboration.

In addition to products, we assist our customers with implementing these solutions by providing technical help. We are here to support you through implementation assistance and more.

Construction Lasers & Tools With BuildingPoint SouthEast

BuildingPoint SouthEast is here to support your projects with laser tools and more. Our service area includes MD, Washington, D.C., VA, GA, SC and NC. Browse our complete selection of Trimble construction lasers, and feel free to contact us for additional product and pricing information.

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