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BuildingPoint SouthEast is your headquarters for the most advanced solutions for building construction, including technology for design, pre-construction, scanning, field management, field layout and project management. As an authorized Trimble distributor, we are able to offer an extensive array of products that allow you to bridge the gap between your office and field operations and improve the quality of your projects.

Our team is ready and excited to find solutions for your business and crew’s needs. We’re passionate about the products, services and solutions we provide and helping people all throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia and the D.C. area. We know the needs of crews in this area is different than those of crews facing extreme dry heat in Texas and those digging out from feet of snow in New York.

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We provide construction solutions across the board including:

  • 3D Scanning: When used as part of the BIM-to-Field process, our large selection of Trimble laser scanning equipment and software offers a cutting-edge solution for the planning and design of new construction projects, as well as renovations, retrofits and building additions. You’ll be able to quickly capture geospatially relevant data, as well as point cloud data that can be transformed into a 3D model.
  • Pre-Construction Services: Our suite of products for the pre-construction project phase includes estimating software solutions with a 2D, 3D or hybrid workflow designed to reduce complexity, while increasing accuracy and productivity. Many solutions feature a user-friendly, Excel-like interface and customizable filters that make it easy to drill down on the most relevant data. Our pre-construction programs integrates conceptual estimates with 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D solutions.
  • Field Construction: Our construction field layout products will significantly reduce the time required to perform this essential, but often laborious, task. You will be able to take points from the 2D or 3D model directly to the field, which can result in increased layout accuracy.
  • Labor Tracking: Inefficient management of personnel and equipment resources represents a major expense for many construction operations. Our innovative construction solutions include advanced Trimble Crewsight software that will enable you to reliably track your work crews across multiple jobsites. You will also get access to useful data that will allow you to fully analyze all your labor costs and increase workforce safety.
  • Project Management: Our suite of products includes project management software that will foster greater communication and collaboration among all stakeholders, increasing the overall performance of your project teams. You will be able to more effectively coordinate and manage the flow of information from the field to the back office “online” or “offline”; at your desk or mobile tablet.
  • Construction and Laser Tools: We feature a wide selection of Trimble tools and equipment that allows you to get the job done. Examples include automatic laser levels, grade lasers receivers, pipe lasers and magnetic locators.
  • Construction Rental Solutions: Do you need additional equipment on a short-term basis, such as for a temporary construction project? We offer a large assortment of robotic total stations, 3D laser scanners, handheld scanners, construction lasers and other essential equipment for rent by the day, week or month.
  • MEP Solutions: With the ever-changing demands placed on MEP contractors to do more with less, few solution providers today have a suite of technology solutions that span the needs from the office to the field like Trimble. In today’s bustling world of new building projects and renovations, all with compressed timelines, the MEP contractor needs the tools that address the entire workflow – simply and easily.

Why Work With A Trimble Dealer?

Why should you work with an Authorized Trimble Dealer? When you work with a dealer like BuildingPoint SouthEast, you can trust we’re providing you with quality products. We offer top of the line equipment from Trimble and even other brands.
Our team is prepared to customize solutions for your team. We have access to a large inventory of products and solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. We live here in the areas you work and we know the conditions you’re working with. We continually educate our team on the newest solutions, problems contractors are facing and any information we can use to better serve you.

Team Up With The Experts At BuildingPoint SouthEast

We’re excited and ready to help your crews, engineers, front office staff and each member of your team. We offer solutions across the board and support for the long-run. Let us start helping you today.