BuildingPoint SouthEast is proud to provide our partners with CrewSight hardware and software for increasing jobsite security. With CrewSight, you can keep track of your employees and increase overall safety.

What Is Trimble CrewSight?

The Trimble CrewSight is site management software that increases jobsite safety and security with the power of worker databases. With CrewSight, you can automate your employee’s attendance tracking and always be certain your workers are on the right jobsite at the correct time. Improve compliance, safety, productivity and workforce management all with the power of Trimble CrewSight.

CrewSight creates an attendance record for every worker as they enter and exit your jobsite in real time. This information is readily available on the CrewSight mobile app or through any internet browser. CrewSight provides you with the following features:

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) worker badges that connect to the cloud
  • Bluetooth beacons that track worker attendance and time
  • A cloud-based access control system
  • Automated construction site attendance reports
  • Safety documentation and compliance
  • Broadcast messaging for streamlined workforce communication

The Benefits of Trimble CrewSight Products

Trimble CrewSight can transform your workplace safety to help you decrease risks all around the workplace. This software and hardware work together to provide the following benefits:

  • Improving workforce productivity: CrewSight offers you the power to improve your workforce productivity by automating security and eliminating opportunities for human error.
  • Tracking weather: CrewSight works alongside WeatherBuild to provide you and your team with severe weather and lightning alerts. In addition to our notification system, we offer a weather risk dashboard that shows you the anticipated severe weather events over the next 24-hours. We even give you a time when severe conditions are anticipated to cease.
  • Keeping your employees safe: Trimble CrewSight informs you of all crew who have entered a jobsite so you can easily keep track of them in case of emergencies. This system also sends you notifications when an employee enters a restricted area. With CrewSight, you can ensure that only authorized crew members can enter your work area with Trimble jobsite access controls.
  • Streamlining reporting and analysis: CrewSight gives you the power to analyze labor statistics and trends to better understand your workforce. From meeting Minority Business Enterprise and Women’s Business Enterprise requirements to municipal hiring compliance conditions, we allow you to streamline your reporting.
  • Understanding the true cost of labor: Trimble takes the guesswork out of labor costs by showing you the correlations between worker productivity and time. With CrewSight, you can validate the cost of internal teams and subcontractors.
  • Cutting potential costs: With a safer workforce because of CrewSight, you can save money that you once spent on costs concerning compliance, security, tracking, training and emergencies.

Find Trimble Software at BuildingPoint SouthEast

BuildingPoint SouthEast is a construction company that believes in using the power of technology to prioritize worker safety and productivity. We here at BuildingPoint SouthEast work with you to find the right Trimble solutions for your business and get them up and running. Contact us online today to learn more about how Trimble CrewSight can transform your jobsite.