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In recent years, technology has made it possible for people to experience reality in completely new ways. Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) place users in a world transformed by digital information. VR allows you to experience a completely virtual world using a headset and other hardware, and AR adds digital images and […]

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) comes with numerous benefits for construction firms, including increased efficiency, more accurate cost estimates and reduced need for rework. As a result, many businesses have worked hard to add VDC and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies to their in-house workflows. For some teams, however, managing VDC independently poses challenges. You […]

As an innovative method for project planning and design, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) has transformed the way construction firms do business. VDC software can encompass everything from 3D model creation and clash detection to model-based quantity takeoffs and scheduling, and as a result, there’s likely a VDC solution for every company. As many construction […]

Since manufacturers and construction professionals began using 3D CAD in the 1990s, virtual design technology has played a key role in the construction industry’s development. In recent years, new systems and processes have transformed the way construction professionals plan building projects. Two of the most influential innovations — Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building […]

100+ Year Old Construction Firm Gets Serious About Job Site Security When managing a large jobsite, being able to track, manage and document every worker on site is crucial in completing a project successfully. Rick Kinney, Safety Engineer at Walbridge, expressed how site security was their biggest concern for their most recent project located in Boydton, Virginia. Founded in 1916 […]

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is now a staple of the construction industry, offering benefits to general contractors every day. As the technology evolves, these benefits continue to increase, helping contractors and subcontractors improve productivity and efficiency significantly. The Benefits of BIM for Contractors BIM technology, with its myriad functions and capabilities, has allowed general […]

With Building Information Modeling (BIM), companies can more quickly focus on the important tasks ahead. However, making the most of a BIM takes a bit of effort on the part of the company, especially when it comes to redundant work processes. Here is how to use BIM correctly. The Essential Ways to Streamline Processes Minimizing […]

Like Sticky Notes and Markers?  You’ll Love Drawing Markup Get to information that’s typically captured with sticky notes, sketches and memos directly within the latest design set. Combine the information spread across apps and emails together so you can make decisions about what to do next. ProjectSight’s markup tools are the solution. Markup tools let […]

That once-mighty drawing cabinet has lost its position in the trailer hierarchy to file sharing services. Yet, when construction stakeholders lack easy access to the latest design files, projects can turn ugly. With Trimble ProjectSight, the latest versions of drawing sets are always available for your team, whether you prefer to work in a browser […]

Some contractors may discover building information modeling (BIM) problems when they first start using the program. They might find that the BIM models do not look right, or that contractors are not interpreting them correctly. Most of these BIM problems stem from very fundamental issues of misunderstanding. Consultant Misunderstanding: It is often difficult to get […]

If you’re in the architecture, engineering or construction industry, you’re familiar with the various types of project management (PM) software available. While many include identical features, like scheduling, contract management and order changes, some set themselves apart by offering additional tools and services that make them the best project management software on the market. One of those […] posted an article about “4 construction technology innovations enhancing productivity in the field“.   The article discusses innovations “making the tasks of foremen, tradesmen and other site works easier so they can be as productive as possible.” BuildingPoint SouthEast has the following mentioned innovations:  Robotic Total Stations, Project organization software, and Wearable technology. Robotic […]