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Field Layout Insights     Jul 8, 21

Webinar: Fieldlink And New Floor Analysis Tool For Ultimate Success

INTRODUCING: The new Floor Analysis tool in the latest update to Trimble Field Link Software for the X7 3D Scanner! Join us Wednesday, February 24 to learn more about these amazing new capabilities for IN FIELD floor analysis and reporting!

More on the Trimble X7 3D Scanner:

  • – Complete in-field FF/FL reports in minutes in Feld Link v5.8 on the field tablet
  • – No need to export any data to get FF/FL or Floor contours for layout
  • – Immediately layout high/low contours with the X7, or switch over to your RTS/RPT instrument to layout
  • – PDF Export of FF/FL report and PDF Export of contour map/reports
  • – Set up the X7 in a drawing/model so your floor analysis overlays right over your drawing/model in the field
  • – No office work needed for in depth floor analysis and high/low contour layout

Meet the Speaker – Steve Ostrowski

Steven Ostrowski is a Trimble Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working with many different types of measurement sensors and software in the Construction industry. He is a strong operations professional with a Master’s degree focused in Geodetic and Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University. Steven is skilled in 3D laser scanning, robotic total stations, augmented reality, data processing and more. He uses unique skills to know what answers a sensor/workflow can produce and how to get that to product as quickly with the most features possible.

Watch our FieldLink Webinar below: