Best Practices Using Trimble Robotic Total Stations for Construction Layout

At BuildingPoint SouthEast, we trust Trimble Robotics to deliver the precision, accuracy and ease-of-use our customers are looking for. Industry-leading Trimble Robotic Total Stations are used around the country and around the world to facilitate construction layout in the field. You can take your data from the field to the office and back again quickly and easily.

Here are some of the common functions and best practices for our Construction Trimble Robotic Total Stations.

Setting Up a Trimble Robotic Total Station

Ensure accuracy of your construction layout with your Total Station. Setting up on a known point from Survey Control provides the maximum level of accuracy.  However, Survey Control is not always close to your work area, so for points that do not need hyper accuracy, you may create local control by setting up off of three known points on the project.

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Using Trimble Robotic Stations for General Contractors

Suitable for general contracting, field layout technology gives superintendents the ability to quickly and easily verify concrete slabs pre- and post-pour, verify slab reference points and penetrations and electronically mark various features such as water, electrical and sewer positions with digital As-Built positions.

Understanding Trimble Field Points

Project Managers or BIM Managers can create points in either 2D or 3D from the office. These points then can be transmitted to the field engineer via the web, an FTP site or as a data file for fast and accurate layout.  Giving you an increased level of project control.

Benefits of Using Trimble Field Link

With Trimble Field Link, your field engineers can collect points on the project and relay them back to a Project Manager or BIM Manager. These points can be used to update the model or .dwg file to reflect the true As-Built conditions.

Combined with Direct Reflect (DR) functionality allows for measuring objects that are hard to impossible to reach.  A green laser is used to collect points without having to use a prism pole.

Benefits of Using Trimble Robotic Total Station

You don’t need a surveying background to guarantee the precision and accuracy of your construction layout. A Trimble Robotic Total Station is designed for a straightforward-yet-exact construction layout with simple office-to-field communication, coupled with the functionality of a surveyor’s tool.
Save time and effort with your construction layouts with the leading solution from Trimble. Contact our team at BuildingPoint SouthEast for a free quote or to learn more about how a Trimble Robotic Total Station with Field Link can simplify how you work in the office and out in the field.

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