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RTS/RPT Backpack


A dedicated backpack for Trimble Robotic Total Stations. this carrying case is purpose-built for the realities of the job site.

  • Secure, yet comfortable, all-in-one carrying solution
  • Carry your RTS, tablet, spare batteries, and prism in one compact and manageable pack (these items are sold separately from the backpack)
  • Engineered to provide protection and padding to support the instrument when in transit





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Product Description

Carry your Trimble Robotic Total Stations equipment in a single, purpose-built carrying case. This soft-sided RTS/RPT backpack is a dedicated solution for transporting RTS technology. The RTS/RPT backpack’s engineering includes lightweight padding to support and protect your instruments and accessories while you’re on the move.

Thanks to its intuitive design, you can safely load your RTS, prism, tablet and spare batteries into this compact, manageable pack. This model provides a comfortable carrying solution that keeps all your RTS tools secure.

Please note that RTS equipment is sold separately from the softshell backpack.

Product Features

The Trimble Robotic Total Stations backpack brings more than comfort to your job site. Sturdy construction makes this backpack capable of carrying your most valuable equipment and lightening your workload.

Keep your Robotic Total Station secure when you place it in the designated compartment. This pocket is a top-loading station with rugged foam padding to surround your RTS. You can put spare batteries in the front battery pocket and distribute other accessories between the two side pockets. The pack has a top rain flap and a double zipper to prevent exposure to water and dust.

The RTS/RPT backpack has a padded belt and a lumbar support system, and adjustable shoulder straps allow a custom fit for each user. If you want to hold the pack by hand, the rubberized carrying handle gives you a secure, comfortable grip.

The main compartment has a wrap made from dense, 3/8-inch foam — hook and loop adjustment lets you secure this wrap to cradle the contents of your pack. A Rhinotek bottom adds support for your equipment.

This backpack weighs 2.4 pounds (1.1 kilograms).

Buy Your RTS/RPT Backpack From BuildingPoint Southeast

The Total Station backpack’s style is similar to lightweight day packs on the commercial market, but this bag’s specialized design makes it ideal for carrying Trimble RTS/RPT equipment. Add this pack to your cart today and give your equipment the protection and portability it needs to perform at its best.

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