Safety Gear Accessories

No matter the project, safety is always a top priority at your job site. Investing in the right safety equipment and accessories can protect your crew from workplace accidents and injuries, improve performance and lower overhead costs. At BuildingPoint Southeast, our selection of safety accessories is manufactured with your protection in mind. We offer high-quality gear that is effective, cost-effective and made to last.

High-Quality Safety Gear

BuildingPoint Southeast’s range of safety products includes high-visibility vests, protective glasses and reliable hard hats. Browse our selection today to find the proper equipment for your next job.

Safety Vests

We offer ERB and SECO safety vests for crews working in potentially hazardous conditions, such as low-light or roadside projects. Visibility is critical to prevent accidents and avoid injuries in the field. Fluorescent yellow and orange vests provide contrast, and reflective accents enable workers to see and be seen by others in the area.

Our vests are ANSI-compliant and meet rigorous safety standards. ERB and SECO safety vests also come with pockets and compartments that make it easier than ever to access your flashlights, notebooks and other essential items.

Safety Glasses

ERB safety glasses provide optical protection against dust, dirt, flying sparks and other particles commonly encountered in the field. Adjustable, wraparound frames ensure full coverage and a comfortable fit.

Safety Hard Hats

Hard hats are a staple of the construction industry. We offer an ERB safety hard hat that will help protect your crew against injuries and accidents on the job. The Secure-Fit ratchet system adjusts to fit over 40 head sizes.

Safety Equipment From BuildingPoint Southeast

BuildingPoint Southeast is a leader in construction solutions, from building layout and surveys to on-site tools and safety equipment. We’re available to help you with projects large and small. Take a look at our selection of safety gear accessories to maximize crew safety with high-visibility vests, safety glasses and hard hats.