Technology to Improve Your Construction Estimating

Quantity takeoff technology has remodeled construction cost estimates. The advanced software provides accurate estimates and enhances your team’s productivity and performance by integrating and streamlining data for review or discussion.

Construction Estimating Software

Different types of construction estimating software are available, but one of the most effective is the GC Estimator Suite™ from Trimble. Trimble’s quantity takeoff solution focuses on streamlining productivity by incorporating technology from three of its construction estimating programs:

  • WinEst
  • Vico Office
  • Modelogix

These applications allow the GC Estimator Suite™ to provide estimates, takeoffs, scheduling and document management services.

One of the biggest benefits of the GC Estimator Suite™ is its use of 3D BIM models, alongside constructability analysis and coordination. Your 2D plans are also included and integrated with your 3D BIM quantities into a single database for detailed cost estimates so your team doesn’t have to switch between programs.

Quantities and model versions are also continuously and automatically updated for users, which prevents miscommunication among team members and ensures the listed quantities are accurate and up-to-date with any recent plan revisions.

A second viable construction cost estimate program is WinEst, which was the first Windows-based estimating software for the AEC industry and provides several services, including:

  • Alternates
  • Mark-up distribution
  • Schedule link
  • Virtual take-off
  • OST integration
  • Simultaneous Multi-Estimators

Because of these offerings, this construction estimating software is considered to be one of the most versatile and powerful database-driven solutions on the market. It’s also customizable to your project type and allows users to work simultaneously on an estimate, which helps your project reach its deadline.

Virtual Construction Software

Virtual construction software is a key factor in construction estimating programs that integrate 2D and 3D BIM models, as demonstrated by the GC Estimator Suite™. Some virtual programs for construction also feature quantity takeoff technology.

Vico Office, for example, allows your team to work with 3D BIM models and use features like:

  • 5D estimating
  • 4D location-based scheduling
  • Constructability analysis and coordination
  • Quantity takeoff
  • Production control
  • Document Controller

An extension of Vico Office is Trimble’s Document Controller Standard, which offers the document management and constructability analysis services of Vico Office. Document Controller Standard works with 2D and 3D BIM models and alerts your team to any potential issues before using construction estimating software.

Quantity takeoff technology is an effective way to increase your team’s productivity, while also delivering accurate cost estimates before beginning construction. The inclusion of 3D BIM models in quantity takeoff programs and virtual construction software also makes your team’s job easier. Find out more about how these different programs can improve your construction estimates by contacting us or requesting a quote today.

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