Trimble WinEst Estimating Software

Construction Database Estimating Software

If you’re still using Excel for your construction estimating process, it’s likely that you’ve seen hundreds of templates, many inconsistencies, and even errors. With more competition than ever, creating sound estimates will be a differentiator for your business.



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What Kind of Estimating Software do I need?

With thousands of users world-wide, Trimble WinEst estimating, is considered one of the most powerful database-driven solutions on the market.

The key to its popularity is that it looks and feels just like Excel with familiar Windows navigation, including drop-down menus and ribbon bars.

Behind the covers of the Excel-like interface is a powerful database, flexibly presented with multiple work-breakdown structures (WBS) and filters. Even the filters can be customized to your firm’s preferences so that estimating data can be sliced and diced and presented in any way, shape or form.


WinEst estimates can be standardized for multiple project types so that your team always delivers polished, professional estimates that reflect your corporate brand. The estimate templates are not just skin deep – it extends to the item and assembly level, as well as to labor and equipment rates, including base rates and benefit rates. With this level of detail, your company’s intellectual property is well-protected. Should a key employee leave, they’re not take the estimating expertise with them – it is encapsulated with your templates. This protection is far better than relying on five-year-old spreadsheets riddled with assumptions and broken links. Now you can standardize estimating best practices for all your project types and self-perform work.


Is the Investment in Estimating Software Worth it?

Have you ever encountered a costly error on a project? Are your team members spending more time than necessary on estimates? If either of those questions made you pause, you should consider investing in estimating software. What will that do for you?

  • Avoid Errors: WinEst enables the estimator to manage and integrate detailed project estimates, using cost-knowledge management, to increase productivity and customize essential documents. The interface is user-friendly and simplifies the process of estimating, cost-information gathering, bidding, and even buying.
  • Allow Adaptability For Employees & Projects: WinEst is easily adaptable to the way you work. Developed from the estimating professional’s perspective, the system is flexible to help you retain your rules and adjust as needed to realize continuous improvement within your organization.
  • Scalability: WinEst is a complete software package to meet building owners estimating needs. The core software application is available in three different versions to allow a custom fit with your organization.

Trimble WinEst Features:

  • Users can set-up a new project estimate from scratch, or with a project-type template to ensure that no scope is missed and that corporate standards for general conditions and indirect costs are followed.
  • The database structure allows tracking of a complete audit trail for every change to the estimate.
  • Exploring All Possibilities – create multiple what-if scenarios for their construction projects and how these extras might impact the budget.
  • Organize Labor Rate Tables & Equipment Rate Tables – You can store corresponding rate tables which combine the base hourly and benefit rates to calculate the composite rate.


If you’re ready to improve your estimating process, talk to our team at BuildingPoint Southeast. Our team wants to help you achieve success and we’re ready to explore every solution possible for that.