Microsoft HoloLens

The Microsoft Hololens is a unique mixed reality headset that blends real life with the power of holographic technology. With a Trimble Hololens for construction, your business can streamline your assembly operation, onboard new employees and more.

How to Use Microsoft Hololens

The Microsoft Hololens consists of several key components. The main component of the device is its MEMS, or microelectromechanical systems display. When worn, the MEMS allows you to experience augmented reality so you can act with precision and collaborate with your colleagues regardless of distance. Once you’re wearing the Hololens, you’re ready to begin experiencing the future of mixed reality.

The holographic frame of your headset will display holograms at the appropriate eye level where their detail is the clearest. Hololens even uses spatial mapping to create workarounds in your physical environment. Physical objects in your surroundings never hold you back with the sophisticated anticipatory software of the Hololens.

The Hololens projects sensor frames around you so you can see the boundary of your hand-tracking frame. This frame follows your line of sight as you move around, so you never have to worry about reorienting it. While using your hands, you must keep them within the frame at all times.

Every Microsoft Hololens is equipped with the following features:

  • Hand tracking: The Hololens performs hand tracking inside of its sensor frame and allows you to touch holograms with direct manipulation. Just tap and scroll like you would on any other device.
  • Eye tracking: The Hololens features two eye-tracking cameras that detect every directional change of your eyes and move the device’s sensor frames around with it.
  • Voice-enabled: With a five-channel microphone array, the Hololens always picks up when you speak and can be commanded with only your voice.
  • Spatial mapping: The Hololens’ real-time environment mesh allows you to fully engage in a mixed reality that combines holograms andreal-life elements into one seamless environment. With Hololens, you can anchor digital content to physical objects and surfaces with ease.

The Benefits of Using Hololens for Construction

Companies all across the globe are adopting Hololens for onboarding, upskilling and increasing operational efficiency in their manufacturing plants. Even Lockheed Martin and NASA trust it for projects designed to eventually send astronauts back to the moon.

The Hololens has been linked to a 90% increase in streamlined assembly efficiency and a 40% reduction in travel. With the augmented reality provided by the Hololens, your manufacturing plant can perform everything from remote field service to onboarding and upscaling. The Hololens’ mixed reality approach is particularly suited for manufacturing setups and can assist them with everything from simple step-by-step instructions and checklists to real-time diagrams and hands-on training.

Why Choose BPSE?

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