Prolog Is Still the Best Project Management Software on the Market

If you’re in the architecture, engineering or construction industry, you’re familiar with the various types of project management (PM) software available. While many include identical features, like scheduling, contract management and order changes, some set themselves apart by offering additional tools and services that make them the best project management software on the market. One of those is Prolog Project Management Software.

What Is Prolog?

Prolog, also known as Trimble® Prolog, is a PM software trusted by more than 6,000 companies in the construction field. It’s configurable, customizable, and provides all the necessary tools to manage an upcoming and ongoing project. It is also available in several countries, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), which lets you oversee international projects without hassle.

The program focuses on four areas:

  1. Cost Control
  2. Document Control
  3. Purchasing
  4. Materials Tracking

The idea behind Prolog is that it creates a centralized and secure location for all your project data, promoting productivity, cost savings and more.

Advantages of Prolog Project Management Software

What makes Prolog the best project management software available? It provides several benefits, including:

  • Collaborate: No matter where your team is, every member can work together in real-time and on-the-go in online and offline environments, plus on mobile devices.
  • Automate: Instead of compiling reports, managing files and monitoring employee performance and schedules, the Prolog PM software handles everything for you.
  • Optimize: With Prolog, you avoid the pitfall of referencing old data. Instead, the project management software connects information from off-site and on-site teams.
  • Manage: Because Prolog provides a central location for all your company’s project data, you can manage everything in one place, saving time and company resources.
  • Streamline: Prolog offers compatibility with several business-critical applications, which lets you streamline your access to designs, reports and more.
  • Minimize: Use the features and tools of Prolog, from its custom dashboards to task menu, to decrease project delays and increased construction costs.

Why Is Prolog the Best Project Management Software?

To demonstrate why Prolog is considered the best project management software, take a look at these case studies:

  • Hensel Phelps: For Hensel Phelps, speed and accuracy were essential when it came to the $190 million fast-track design-build project they won. To expedite the process, they turned to Prolog PM software. Instead of carrying hard copies of designs, teams used Prolog Mobile on iPads, which let them work online and offline. The result was a 75 percent decrease in inspection times, providing Hensel Phelps with the speed they needed.
  • Adolfson & Peterson Construction: As one of the top 50 construction managers and contractors in the U.S., Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP) maintains a reputation and standard for quality. A struggle for the company, however, was efficiency and integration between its accounting and project management system. After adopting Prolog, AP saw a significant difference. Its records are integrated, its finances are transparent and visible to all key members and its processes are optimized.

As the above case studies demonstrate, there is a reason why more than 6,000 construction companies trust Trimble® Prolog software.

Work From Anywhere With the Best Project Management Software

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