Prolog — Changing the Timeout Setting for Converge FMS Uploads & Recover from a timed-out session.

PrologTired of walking away only to come back and lose your sign-on?  Here are two tips that will help you adjust your setting and also how to recover without losing.

  •  Tech Tip #1:  Prolog Converge FMS file upload timeout settings have been moved from the webconfig file to the Prolog System database. Use the following steps to adjust the timeout settings:
    • To change the upload timeout setting, login to MS SQL Studio Management, connect to the Prolog System database and open the table “websiteoptions.”
    • Change the value of the column “uploadtimeoutinsec” to a value of at least 30 (seconds) or higher.
    • After this change has been made restart the Prolog Converge Monitor service and restart IIS on the Converge web server.
    • This can be changed to as high as 240 seconds in certain situations.
  • Tech Tip #2:  If you time out during an important entry of notes, setting up a report or simply don’t remember what you where doing but you need it back; try this:
    • Do NOT close your timed out window, leave it just as it is.
    • Now launch another session of the program, yes log-in.
    • Once you are logged in now go back to you first session, refresh and you’ll be right where you were, ta-da! no time lost.
    • Now hurry and finish before the phone rings again, or at least save.


Andrew Rudisill



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