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Trimble Li-Ion Battery for S-Series & RTS Robots


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If you’re working on projects with S-series and RTS robots, you need to have reliable power to complete your work at the job site efficiently. The Trimble Li-Ion Battery is compatible with your robotic equipment and provides long-lasting battery power for your project. Get the job done with equipment you can rely on when you invest in trusted products from Trimble.

When you’re doing work in the field, you need to be sure that your instruments continue to operate optimally throughout the workday. Ensure accuracy and efficiency in your work with the right equipment and batteries. Whether you need new or replacement batteries, Trimble batteries can help you accomplish your projects without interruptions or equipment malfunctions.

Features and benefits of the Trimble Li-Ion Battery include:

  • Rechargeable: Designed for reuse, this lithium-ion battery is rechargeable for repeated use, providing energy and materials savings and increased efficiency.
  • Compatible: The Trimble Li-Ion Battery is compatible with the entire selection of S-Series robots as well as RTS robots to make power sourcing more convenient.
  • Reliable: Trimble batteries offer long-term value and are engineered to provide reliable power and durability for any compatible robotic equipment.
  • Powerful: The battery has 10.8V and 6500mAHr to power your equipment. For each use, one battery can provide over 5 hours of power on the job.
  • Convenient: Compact and easy to use, the Trimble Li-Ion Battery is easy to store or bring with you to the job site if you need a battery replacement for your equipment.

Buy the Trimble Li-Ion Battery to Power Your Robotic Equipment

Designed for long-lasting, efficient power, the Trimble Li-Ion Battery for S-Series and RTS robots can handle whatever jobs you work on. Anywhere you’re working, keep your S-Series and RTS robotic equipment ready to go with long-life, high-performance batteries.

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