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Trimble Charger Kit – Dual Slot for RTS Series


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Employ sequential charging for your company’s RTS Series equipment.

The Trimble Charger Kit contains a charger with dual battery slots, the charger’s power supply and an AC cable kit. This battery charging setup is compatible with the Trimble RTS Series of field layout hardware.

The Robotic Total Station (RTS) is a layout and scanning solution that improves precision and efficiency. These tools run on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with long life spans, but when those batteries run low, your team needs a reliable charger.

Dual Charging Slots With LED Indicators

This kit offers two slots for convenient charging on your job site. Both slots can accommodate any compatible battery and provide sequential charging. Red and green LED indicators next to each slot report charging status for any connected batteries.

Compatible Batteries

The Trimble Charger is compatible with the following lithium-ion rechargeable batteries:

  • 4.4 Ah, 11.1 V, P/N 49400
  • 2.6 Ah, 7.4 V, P/N 92600-HH
  • 2.4 Ah, 7.4 V, P/N 54344

Both slots in this RTS charging unit feature compatibility with any of these battery models, providing dependable, efficient charging no matter which you prefer for powering your RTS equipment.

Trimble Charger Power Supplies

You can connect the power supply to the charger to power this unit via electrical outlets on your job site. If you lack access to a traditional outlet, you can also power this unit with a 12-volt car adapter-to-charger cable.

Power Your Robotic Total Station

The Dual-Slot Trimble Charger Kit for the RTS Series is a portable charging solution for Trimble’s robotic field layout hardware. Bring efficient charging to your job site with this unit designed for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

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