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SECO Thumb-Release Bipod


The SECO 5217-04 prism pole bipod is for use with GPS antenna pole or prism pole. Legs extend to 6 feet. Designed for use in uneven terrain.

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When you survey a site for an upcoming construction or building layout project, you need reliable equipment to get the most accurate data. With the SECO Thumb-Release Bipod from BuildingPoint Southeast, you’ll get proven stability. This bipod provides a solid platform on surfaces of all kinds, including rough and uneven terrain. Pair it with a GPS antenna pole, prism pole or other accessories to get clear measurements at any site.

Dependable Bipod Equipment

The SECO 5217-04 bipod is a versatile, easy-to-use layout tool. The stable platform allows your crew to get accurate measurements of any location, which is the design basis of every project. You can easily attach free-standing antenna poles and prism accessories. Using a bipod with your theodolite or other surveying equipment will lead to more precise readings.

Save time and boost productivity with simple assembly. Our SECO Thumb-Release Bipod has fast deployment and quick breakdown capabilities, keeping crews moving and improving efficiency on the ground. The legs of this bipod extend to 6 feet and collapse to 43 inches, providing useful height as well as portability. You can take this lightweight bipod anywhere in the field.

SECO Thumb-Release Bipod legs, which come in high-visibility colors, are designed for use on uneven terrain. The feet offer reliable stability on a wide variety of surfaces, both inside and outdoors.

Layout Accessories From BuildingPoint Southeast

Surveying is often one of the first and most important steps in any project. Get precise readings and peace of mind with the SECO Thumb-Release Bipod from BuildingPoint Southeast. We’re a leader in proven reliable services for every aspect of the construction industry, from building layout to on-site safety. We want to help you build great projects with superior technology and support.

Start your next project off right with stability and accuracy. Buy a SECO Thumb-Release Bipod today!

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