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Crain Rectangular Leveling Rod – 16′ Rod / Inches


Crain’s durable CR Series Leveling Rods are constructed of non-conductive fiberglass and are rectangular in shape with rounded back corners for a better grip. The scale width is graduated to fill the entire face of the rod and it's equipped with stand-off ribs that protect the scale from wear. The rods incorporate many features including a rectangular shape with rounded back corners for better gripping, a scale width graduated to fill the entire face of the rod, and a measuring scale on the back side that allows for overall height readings. The top section also features a 1/4 x 20 female adapter.

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This iteration in the Crain CR series offers measurements in inches on a durable, rectangular-shaped fiberglass rod. When you work with leveling tools, you expect them to be durable and stand up to the elements. They should also be easy to read, accurate and convenient to use. Crain’s rectangular leveling rods provide all of these features and more to support your surveying work.

This 16-foot leveling rod has a simple rectangular shape with rounded back corners, as well as an array of special design features that provide:

  • Durability. When your work takes you to a variety of environments, you need a leveling rod that can handle them. This rod from Crain is made of strong, non-conductive fiberglass that resists water and corrosion, so you can take it wherever you need to. It also has stand-off ribs built in to prevent wear.
  • Easy readability. If you struggle to make out the markings on a leveling rod, it isn’t doing you much good. Crain’s 16-foot rectangular leveling rod is graduated to fill the entire face of the rod and includes a measuring scale on the back for general height readings. And since it has such a durable build, you don’t need to worry about the markings fading any time soon.
  • Convenience. The Crain leveling rod has rounded back corners to improve grip, as well as a 1/4×20 female adapter at the top, so you can easily connect accessories. It collapses down into a portable, easy-to-carry size.

However you’ll be using a leveling rod, you can trust the experts at Crain and BuildingPoint SouthEast to help you get you the right one, with a long-lasting design and all the features necessary for quick, accurate and convenient measurements.

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