Levels And Lasers

Surveying is among the first and most critical aspects when it comes to any building project. All the subsequent steps rely on the information you collect at the start of the construction process, which means accurate data is key. Levels and lasers are essential pieces of equipment that provide precise readings for a wide range of construction jobs. With these tools, you can gather the field measurements you need to guide the rest of your project.

High-Quality Construction Levels and Lasers

Construction levels allow you to measure, assess and craft designs based on the dimensions and other aspects of a site. At BuildingPoint Southeast, we offer a selection of Nikon AP/AC/AX Series Automatic Levels for your next project of any size. These high-quality levels are accurate and durable. They also feature an unlimited range so you can get the readings you need when you need them. Attach your level to a tripod or other layout accessories to efficiently survey every job site.

Lasers are a vital part of your surveying toolkit. BuildingPoint Southeast’s selection of Spectra Precision Lasers will boost your on-site productivity for various commercial and residential projects. The intuitive user interface allows for minimal training and rapid setup, so your crew can get to work right away. These self-leveling lasers can withstand rugged field conditions and provide accurate measurements on virtually any terrain.

Construction Solutions From BuildingPoint Southeast

BuildingPoint Southeast is a regional distributor of Trimble products, including high-quality lasers and levels. We provide construction solutions and local support for building projects of all sizes. If you have an upcoming project, let us help you throughout the building process from beginning to end. Start your next job on the right foot with our innovative surveying equipment.

Shop Nikon Automatic Levels and Spectra Precision Levels with BuildingPoint Southeast or contact us online today for more information.