Layout Accessories

Upgrade your building layout and surveying capabilities using layout accessories compatible with a wide range of surveying equipment and supporting technologies. These products help you gain multiple advantages on any size project and have rugged designs you can use on virtually any job site to get better data and lower overhead costs and to finish projects faster than ever before.

Quality Layout Accessories From the Industry’s Leading Names

We have an expansive selection of products available from proven manufacturers. When you want to improve your site survey speed, accuracy or efficiency, we have you covered with a full lineup of layout accessories, including:

  • Tripods and bipods: We have a large selection of tripods and bipods from SECO and Crain. These products extend up to six feet or longer and provide a stable and dependable platform on smooth surfaces and uneven terrain. All are made for rapid deployment and fast breakdown to keep field teams moving and productive.
  • Tripod adapters: We also have different adapters designed to allow fast and easy pairing of prisms and tribrachs with your layout equipment. The SECO tripod adapter provides the means for connecting a 3-1/2″ by 8″ tripod with 5/8″ by 11″ accessories. The rotating tribrach adapter lets you adjust prisms after installation.
  • Tribrachs: Our layout accessories include a variety of tribrachs from Trimble and other manufacturers. These products let you attach surveying equipment like GNSS antennas, targets, theodolites and total stations to a tripod for increased reading accuracy. We have tribrachs with or without optical plummets available to meet your needs.
  • Prism assemblies: We carry waterproof prisms from SECO that you can use to get faster readings with exceptional accuracy. The SECO 35mm Silver Premier Prism Assembly has a 5/8″ by 11″ locking thread, 62 mm diameter prism and -35mm offset. Less than five seconds of arc accuracy ensures your beam connects.
  • Leveling rods: Our selection of leveling rods includes several made by Crain, including tods with inch measurements and rods broken down into tenths. 16′ and 20′ leveling rods are available with features like added protection from damage, double-sided readings and ergonomic grip for added speed, comfort and ease-of-use.

A Leading Distributor of Construction Technology

BuildingPoint SouthEast is your home for quality layout accessories and support solutions to keep your building projects moving. We are the regional distributor for Trimble products across GA, VA, NC, SC and Washington, D.C.

Our company is your local partner and online storefront for expert recommendations and professional training to help you use your new products to their maximum potential. Whatever project you have coming up, and regardless of the complexity, we will help you put together a setup that delivers all the features you need.

Get Professional Help Finding the Right Layout Accessories

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