Construction Layout Accessories

We at BuildingPoint SouthEast are proud to be a leading distributor of construction technology around Washington, D.C. and the surrounding Mid Atlantic. We’re home to some of the best layout accessories currently on the market, including selections from Trimble, SECO, Crain and more. We offer free online ordering and rapid delivery anywhere in the country and are happy to help your crew find the right layout accessories for your jobsite.

We offer the following layout equipment accessories available for delivery and at our in-person locations:

Tripods and Bipods

BuildingPoint SouthEast offers a large selection of SECO and Crain tripods and bipods. Every product we stock is ready for rapid deployment and can be quickly broken down when it’s time to go home. Our selection of tripods and bipods can extend to six feet or longer and are stable on both smooth and uneven construction site terrains. We carry hardwood, fiberglass and aluminum tripods with clamps.

In addition to our tripods and bipods, we also offer accompanying adapters. These instruments allow you to pair your prisms and tribrachs with your equipment quickly. In addition, we provide rotating tribrachs that enable you to adjust your prisms.


We’re home to a selection of tribrachs from Trimble, SECO and other leading manufacturers. Using a tribrach, you can attach your construction equipment – such as antennas, theodolites, targets and total stations – to your tripod to increase reading accuracy. Our extensive selection also includes rotating tribrach adapters that allow your prism to be pointed after it’s already installed. We stock tribrachs with and without optical plummets.

Prism Assemblies

BuildingPoint SouthEast carries waterproof SECO prisms that offer the fastest and most accurate readings in the industry. We carry the SECO 35mm Silver Premier Prism Assembly, which is known for its 66 m diameter prism, 5/8 inches by 11 inches locking thread and -35mm offset. With an arc accuracy of fewer than five seconds, you can be sure that your beam will easily connect on your jobsite.

Leveling Rods

We feature Crain brand leveling rods that use inch measurements and break down their measurement by the tenths for excellent accuracy. We carry 16 ft and 20 ft leveling rods with additional features such as double-sided readings, damage protection, stand-off ribs, water resistance and ergonomic grips. Every Crain leveling rod is made from durable non-conductive fiberglass with rounded back corners for a better grip on your materials. The top section of Crain leveling rods features a female adapter.

Why Choose BuildingPoint SouthEast?

BuildingPoint SouthEast is an expert at recommending layout accessories and training crews to work with them. When you choose our company, you’ll find we have a dedicated team that’s committed to helping you reach your maximum potential.

From our location near Washington, D.C., we also serve customers in NC, SC, GA, VA and MD. When you order our layout accessories online today, you can get rapid shipping. To see the difference that layout accessories from BuildingPoint SouthEast could make on your jobsite, reach out and contact us online today.