There is nothing funny about the integrity of your information getting lost in translation

Why should you collaborate in a cloud environment? Well the answer lies all the way back to when we were in kindergarten and we played the Telephone Game with our classmates and the teacher. We would sit in a circle and the teacher would whisper a phrase into the ear of the student next to him/her and the phrase was repeated in the ear from student to the next all the way around. When it got back to the teacher, it was repeated what was passed through all those ears. To the delight and entertainment of the group, it was always something hilariously different.

But in business, there is nothing funny about the integrity of your information getting lost in translation through different mediums as it travels through various channels to people that need that information, and need it to be accurate. So how does the cloud help this? Think of the same game where the teacher is no longer along the outer part of the circle, but now in the center, where he can have each child come to him and receive the same phrase each time in turn.

Centralization of information is the ONLY way to best provide critical information for your projects. Online project management solutions streamline collaboration with your partners, stores files to be easily organized and referenced, provide workflow to track progress of information, and a highly skilled staff to provide outstanding training and support to keep your information secure, safe and maintain integrity of you critical resources. So if your business interests are still sitting along the edge of the circle, it’s time to move it to the center. Time to quit playing games.

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