Managing Workflow Efficiency with Rugged Tablets

Mobile technology can help your employees’ performance throughout the workday. While the typical smartphone or tablet will function well enough in a work environment, these mobile devices will not hold up to the daily wear and tear of an industrial environment or fieldwork. To enjoy the benefits of mobile technology without risking damage to expensive equipment, rugged tablets are a viable option.

Benefits of Rugged Tablets on Workflow

Pen-and-paper processes might be low tech and seemingly easy to implement, but they can slow you down. Rugged tablets offer practical benefits, including the following:

  • Automatic Filing: With paper work orders, you risk both losses and delays in submission, which can result in significant delays in service. Any delay can mean serious ramifications for your relationships with clients, which is why a rugged tablet’s ability to digitally send forms is so crucial to your operations.
  • Faster Response Times: Managing workers with tablets means you can communicate more quickly than with vocal directions. This means faster response times and shorter project timelines.
  • Comprehensive Security: Anyone can walk off with a paper work order. With a rugged tablet, you make sure your data is secure with password-protected and even encrypted technology. This helps prevent your enterprise from suffering data theft due to employee carelessness.
  • Excellent Performance: Tablets are quicker and more capable than a pen and paper, providing options for automatic estimates and calculations. They can get in contact with the home office and clients alike, making communication easier for field employees. They are also more easily portable than a stack of papers.
  • Designed for Industry: With a full enclosure, rugged tablets are even safer than paper, in many cases. They won’t get damaged by industrial conditions, dust or water, and can resist drops and shock, making them suitable for any harsh environment. Combined with the ability to save to the cloud, this ruggedness allows tablets to function well in an industrial work environment.

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