FieldLink v6.2 Release Notes

FieldLink Software

  • Scale Drawings now allows for 10 decimal places
  • FieldLink Solid Model View now displays edges of objects


  • SaveAs Project Format (Points & Models)
  • Save As Project in Trimble Connect
  • XLSX Export improved


  • The dense cloud created, should automatically turn on
  • Allow section box in scan registration
  • Support New Faster Scan Mode with X7


  • Docking and Undocking Recording and Playback
  • No longer need to change Obstacle Avoidance to "low" while docking when using Spot version 3.0
  • Display notifications at bottom of Spot FieldLink windows
  • Enhancements to fault awareness
  • Spot Retain Lease Implementation
  • Remove the [Backtrack] functionality
  • Prevent Spot operation while scan is in progress
  • Increase the Estop timeout to 60 seconds

Bugs addressed

  • Joystick sliders and Vision sliders disappear while in prism mode - Fixed
  • Default folder not created while trying to save field calibration report to Trimble connect using cable - Fixed
  • DXF Scaling Issue - Fixed
  • Unable to sign in to Trimble Account - Fixed
  • Other various Bug Fixes

Important note:  Please refer to the compatible firmware below for each hardware device.  It is important to update the firmware for your hardware device to be compatible with this latest version of FieldLink:

  • RTS573, RTS655, RTS673 = Firmware: C10.9.8
  • RTS771, RTS773, RTS873 = Firmware: B3.9.8
  • SPS610, SPS710 = Firmware: C10.9.8
  • RPT600 = Firmware: R1.1.28
  • R8s = Firmware: 5.50
  • SPS986 = Firmware: 6.10 (Package includes 5.50 & 6.10)
  • X7 = Firmware: R2.3.22

This version of FieldLink software works with the following controllers:

  • Trimble T100 (Windows OS updates ongoing via Microsoft)
  • Trimble T10 (Windows OS updates ongoing via Microsoft)
  • Panasonic FZ-M1 (Windows OS updates ongoing via Microsoft)
    • no scan module support

To install the new firmware, follow the instructions given by the firmware update tool or call Eric Fines at 704-574-2228.

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