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Augmented reality (AR) is a type of technology that provides utility by adding digital images and information to a user’s view of the real world. You can access AR through common digital devices like smartphones and tablets as well as through dedicated AR devices like headsets. Because augmented reality has the ability to enhance the […]

If you stay up-to-date with industry innovations, you may have heard some exciting claims about augmented reality in the construction industry. Proponents of AR suggest that this technology can streamline workflows, minimize rework and increase overall productivity. However, because augmented reality and similar systems like virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) are still in […]

Since 2008, Airo Mechanical has made their mark in the HVAC industry with 25 years of mechanical experience. Focusing on multi-family services including garden-style, student housing, rehab projects and more, they take pride in being hands-on leaders. Airo Mechanical has a strong emphasis on business development, education and quality standards. We got a chance to […]

Are you currently outsourcing your 3D scanning data? Do you find roadblocks in getting the data you need? Now is the best time to take a closer look at how and when you’re using the service to determine if a purchase may be the better option. As we navigate changes in the way we work, […]

3 Often Overlooked Advantages of 3D Scanning What does 3D scanning have to do with happier tenants and occupants, safer conditions on job sites, smoother logistics planning, faster training, and shorter project schedules? A lot, actually. We often talk about the improvements to efficiency and accuracy that 3D scanning has brought to the construction industry. […]

Since the introduction of the total station in the 1970s, the tool has undergone several evolutions — including the development of the robotic total station (RTS). As they offer several advantages to contractors, especially smaller businesses that specialize in custom building projects, the RTS has become a go-to investment and tool for accurate concrete layouts. Uses of Robotic […]

It’s a frequent question among industry veterans. Do you need to model a point cloud? The answer varies, as it depends on your goals and the parameters of your project. In most cases, however, scanning to BIM — or Building Information Modeling — benefits your work. It delivers a real-world model that’s accurate, which helps architects […]

A growing trend in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-Operated (AECO) industry are classification codes, which are becoming a core feature and reference point in BIM, or Building Information Modeling. Why? Their proven benefits, which range from fewer errors to improved cost predictability. That’s why classification codes are becoming necessary for BIM, especially with the […]

For industry outsiders, engineers and surveyors can seem like they’re the same profession. That’s not the case, of course — they’re two separate professions, with specific skill sets and responsibilities. They do, however, coordinate with one another throughout planning and construction, whether for residential, commercial or government projects, which is why both parties are essential. […]

Anyone with experience in the field knows — laptops are a hassle for field services. It’s not surprising either. They’re not designed for the grit and dirt, as well as overall nature of the work and outdoor environment. That’s why rugged tablets are replacing laptops in field services, offering a practical solution to a problem that […]

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process used for collaborating on digital building designs according to a coherent model, as opposed to a collection of separate ideas. In the broader range of commercial and industrial applications, the word “building” is used as a synonym for civil engineering. BIM has been described by the National Institute […]

If you’re in the architecture, engineering or construction industry, you’re familiar with the various types of project management (PM) software available. While many include identical features, like scheduling, contract management and order changes, some set themselves apart by offering additional tools and services that make them the best project management software on the market. One of those […]