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At BuildingPoint SouthEast, we trust Trimble Robotics to deliver the precision, accuracy and ease-of-use our customers are looking for. Industry-leading Trimble Robotic Total Stations are used around the country and around the world to facilitate construction layout in the field. You can take your data from the field to the office and back again quickly […]

Executive Summary Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. has performed hundreds of large concrete projects throughout the Southeast. Their pattern of quality work, completed on-time, and within budget has enabled Buchanan Concrete to develop many long-lasting relationships. Notably, on two large scale projects that Buchanan Concrete completed in 2016, they utilized the Trimble RTS (Robotic […] posted an article about “4 construction technology innovations enhancing productivity in the field“.   The article discusses innovations “making the tasks of foremen, tradesmen and other site works easier so they can be as productive as possible.” BuildingPoint SouthEast has the following mentioned innovations:  Robotic Total Stations, Project organization software, and Wearable technology. Robotic […]

After the economic downturn in a 2009 – 2011, most companies are running lean operations. The employees on staff usually have more than one function within the company and therefore their responsibilities and workloads have increased.  Even though the construction industry has seen a jump in business growth, companies can be hesitant to add more […]

“a one man crew can do double or triple what the traditional layout crews could do in a day” In today’s construction industry, projects are faster paced than ever.  Time is money.  With more aggressive schedules, trades are having to find ways to be more efficient.  The technology that is available today allows professionals the […]

What is Active and Passive Tracking Have you ever been on a job site, laying out a wall or a building slab and suddenly your Robotic Total Station starts acting like it is possessed?  Or you are diligently working, plotting your points from your hand held and a co-worker, dressed in his PPE, walks in […]