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The advent of 3D scanning has revolutionized the building construction industry. The ability to use 3D scans for existing and new construction allows for fast and reliable as-built verification as well as construction layout. You’ll save time, effort and money using scan data for coordination and can avoid clashes and errors by utilizing Point Cloud […]

Like Sticky Notes and Markers?  You’ll Love Drawing Markup Get to information that’s typically captured with sticky notes, sketches and memos directly within the latest design set. Combine the information spread across apps and emails together so you can make decisions about what to do next. ProjectSight’s markup tools are the solution. Markup tools let […]

Congratulations to Scott Mayer on becoming a Trimble Certified Trainer!  Trimble Certified Trainers provide the most up-to-date information on Trimble products and services, while utilizing the latest in educational tools and techniques.  Trimble Certified Trainers are skilled at designing and delivering programs. A number of flexible options can be arranged to meet your needs. Whether it’s customized training […]

That once-mighty drawing cabinet has lost its position in the trailer hierarchy to file sharing services. Yet, when construction stakeholders lack easy access to the latest design files, projects can turn ugly. With Trimble ProjectSight, the latest versions of drawing sets are always available for your team, whether you prefer to work in a browser […]

At BuildingPoint SouthEast, we trust Trimble Robotics to deliver the precision, accuracy and ease-of-use our customers are looking for. Industry-leading Trimble Robotic Total Stations are used around the country and around the world to facilitate construction layout in the field. You can take your data from the field to the office and back again quickly […]

We are pleased to announce that Modelogix Cloud has been upgraded. Here are a few of the latest features that have been added, which are now available for you to take advantage of: Archive Content Expanded Report Printing Options Performance Boost to the Cost Model Spreadsheet Check out the new features on the Trimble website in […]