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Robotic Total Station Impact on ROI In today’s construction industry, projects are faster paced than ever.  Time is money.  With more aggressive schedules, trades are having to find ways to be more efficient.  The technology that is available today allows professionals the ability to speed up and also increase the accuracy of their layout.  A […]

With an extensive background as a BIM manager, Eric has a strong understanding of how fast technology is changing the landscape of the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction world.  He has a passion for learning what’s new and utilizing it to help clients achieve a better, faster, and more accurate end result using point clouds and […]

Ryan Pastor, VDC Services Manager Join us in welcoming Ryan Pastor to the team.  Ryan is an innovator who has a passion for utilizing technology in order to help clients succeed.  He strives for a detailed understanding of what clients need and then employs the right tools and services to help clients realize the benefits of BIM […]

Andrew Rudisill, Regional Account Manager BuildingPoint Southeast welcomes Andrew Rudisill.  Andrew has been a user, trainer and advocate for technology for over 20 years. He has experience with 2D, 3D and 4D environments, from CAD to project tracking.  In addition, Andrew is experienced with project management, industrial engineering and process management that has yielded many opportunities to […]

During a recent presentation, I discussed the necessity of software and firmware updates.  After the presentation, one of the participants  asked, “what is firmware?” That made me realize that sometimes the terms we use in our industry may need more definition and clarification.  Knowing the differences between software and firmware is important in this industry.  Technology […]

“free training” available via the Internet, trade associations, or even through friends. Free training is not always good or bad.  When we sell a robotic total station or a laser scanner we are often asked, “does this come with training?” Our answer is simple in that we  are proud to provide training from a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts. […]