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Sensors & Software Conquest

Conquest can quickly create detailed scans of concrete floors, decks, columns, walls and ceilings to locate embedded rebar, post tension cables, metallic and non-metallic conduits, and current carry power cables. The high performance GPR sensor provides accurate results. High quality depth slice images are processed and can be interpreted right in the field.

Conquest has two configurations: Conquest Enhanced; Conquest 100

Conquest Enhanced – an easy-to-use concrete imaging system with a large 15″ LCD screen and wireless remote control.

Conquest 100 – a portable concrete imaging system with a high resolution touchscreen.  Results can be sent wirelessly to your office or customer from the field.

Concrete Scanning Capabilities:

  • Line Scanning for reconnaissance surveys to get a quick idea of what’s in the concrete and locate current-carrying cables
  • Grid Scanning for detailed mapping and on-site 3D imaging to better visualize embedded objects.  Multiple grid sizes available in metric and imperial units
  • Power Cable Detector.  Ensure safety by locating current carrying cables in the area (one scan, two technologies)
  • Real-time locating of embedded objects – high quality depth slice images are processed and can be interpreted right in the field
  • Pinpoint targets using the backup arrow
  • on-screen drill locator to position core


  • Locate rebar
  • Locate wire mesh
  • Locate metallic and non-metallic conduits
  • Locate post tension cables
  • Locate current-carrying power cables
  • Detect voids
  • Detect areas of potential corrosion and delamination
  • Measure cover depth
  • Locate other objects embedded in concrete

Available to Rent

  • Daily: $225
  • Weekly: $900
  • Monthly: $2,700